Best Underrated Anime

1. Ao no exorcist

2. Bungo Stray Dogs

3. Carole and Tuesday

4. Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation

5. Re: Life

Ao no exorcist

1. Rin Okumura is a boy who is trying really hard to get a job, but is kicked out because of his tremendous physical powers which he cannot explain why he has them. Everyone calls Rin a “demon” but he denies it. On the other hand, Rin has a younger brother who is very successful in his studies and is about to be admitted into the most prestigious university, called the True Cross academy.

Rin’s father is an exorcist, and is the head priest at a church. He keeps secrets from Rin, but witnesses blue flames on the sword that keeps Rin human. He is then possessed by Satan, claiming that Rin is his son, and he should return to Gehenna, or Hell.

“But seeing blue flames rising from Rin, can he still remain human and save the world from” Satan, his true father?

Bungo Stray Dogs

The anime starts off with a poor young boy, Atsushi, running for his life from a monster and his painful past, who saves a man from drowning in the canal. The man whines about being saved, and pitying the young boy, feeds him. The man, Dazai, reveals that he is a special investigator who is hunting a mystical creature.

Atsushi is scared after hearing this, and takes a step back. Dazai realizes that Atsushi isn’t normal by his deduction skills, and declares that Atsushi is the mystical being that Dazai is hunting.

Dazai does the unexpected, and hires Atsushi into The Agency. They both along with other Agency members handle abnormal dangers in the city. However, there are deeper secrets within the agency. With the Port Mafia in town, the city is in danger, and the Agency has to up the powers and strategize their future moves.

“Will The Agency be able to stay sharp? Or fall into the hands of the Port Mafia and other mystical human beings…”

Carole and Tuesday

3. Carole and Tuesday are two girls who are very different from each other. Carole is from a rich family where she can get everything, except for the one thing she truly wants. Tuesday is another girl from the suburbs who works everyday to fulfil her daily needs, and must keep working to stay alive.

However, there is one thing that they both love the most, and that is music! Carole runs away from home to find music, but gets lost in the suburbs. She frantically runs everywhere to look for a place that she thinks would be a good place to stay but fails.

Tuesday, on the other hand, plays her music on the streets to attract the crowd and get some money for her art. That’s where Carole sees Tuesday and starts crying upon hearing her music! Tuesday sees her and consoles her, becomes the best of friends, and listens to her guitar. A soothing song is immediately made, and they agree to make songs and be huge hits! But they’re just two small teens against the whole world and the entire music industry, will they be able to make it to the top? Or be defeated by the hardships and go back to their routines?

Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation

A good-for-nothing NEET has no job, also he neither intends to find one, nor learns any new skill to be of any use to the society. He is soon kicked out of his rented home, and is thrown off on the streets. He looks around for a while, thinking what to do next, and then notices three kids quarrelling amongst each other. They do not realise that they’re standing in the middle of the street, and about to be crushed by a truck. He sees them, and runs to push them off the street, and blacks out.

He wakes up to see a young couple, who is very happy to see him wake up. But when he raises his hands, he realises that he is now reborn as a child somewhere else, in a different timeline. He has all his memories, but is named Rudeus in this life. However, this is not a normal place. There’s magic and dragons here, which overwhelms him. However, his past has had dark secrets that affect him in his new life. Rudeus also hears the voice of god who reincarnated him in this world. Will Rudeus be able to learn magic and handle the dragons and other creatures? It isn’t easy when there’s an entire civilization of Superd Race that would kill anyone in their vicinity!


You’ve been kicked out of your company, and you can’t crack any more interviews. Life is going downhill constantly, and there seems no ray of hope. However, one day you’re asked if you want to be 16 years old, and begin school once again for a test by a secret company called Re:Life, and you will be paid for the duration of your living as a teen, and will be reverted back when you’re done with the span.

But it comes with a few conditions. You must not reveal that you are older than your classmates. You will be under observation by an agent from the company. You must attempt your best so that the analysis can be authentic. Would you do it? After-all , it’s a paid opportunity, and you have nothing else to lose. But there are some interactions and experiences that would make you regret everything and go back to your normal self.

Watch the life of a person who agreed to take the pill to be younger and complete his journey with the mentality of an adult, and make decisions that would make a difference in his original life as well!

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